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Thermo Scientific Molecular Biology Products
PikoReal Real-Time PCR system, innovative technology, affortable price now in the market

24-well and 96-well Piko Thermal Cyclers
15 min protocol
The Company

BioSURE - R&T Cell Co. is a Greek, EN ISO 9002 certified life sciences company which carries out its basic business activities in Greece, Cyprus and other Balkan countries.

BioSURE - R&T Cell Co. imports, exports, markets and distributes more than 2,000 life sciences products via its distributor network, acting as an authorized distributor for more than 20 European and American manufacturers.

The thousands of discoveries in the wide field of Life Sciences open new horizons in each specific science with emphasis in molecular and cell biology.

New challenges come out every day; for example, the recent identification of Human Genome lead to questions on both : the relationships between genes and the function of the proteins

BioSURE - R&T Cell Co. has as its main aim to help the Discovery process by providing not only pioneering life sciences tools but also standardized, high quality basic instruments, reagents and disposable.

Our mission is to supply scientists with top of the line products that enable researchers to ask new questions and investigate even more complex life systems that previously possible.