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PikoReal Real-Time PCR system, innovative technology, affortable price now in the market

24-well and 96-well Piko Thermal Cyclers
15 min protocol

BioSURE - R&T Cell Co. is continuously monitoring the market in order to find out the new needs of the scientific community. On the other hand, it is actively seeking to locate new products internationally; that will help researchers in solving their problems.

Before any new product is introduced to our scientific community, it is discussed and used intensively in Greek reference research labs. After this evaluation, the product - supported by the corresponding manufacturer's literature - is ready to be marketed and to be used as an additional tool by researchers.

BioSURE - R&T Cell's products are marketed via a distribution network that covers Greece, Cyprus and Balkan countries.

BioSURE - R&T Cell's marketing philosophy is based on personal communication and contact with the researchers and scientists. Other marketing tools such as product catalogs, brochures, leaflets, flyers and participation in exhibitions, congresses and satellite workshops, are used not only to support our marketing effort but mainly to enable our customers to do the most with our products in their reasonably limited time.

BioSURE - R&T Cell Co. believes you should be able to get the answers you need and deserve quickly and accurately. BioSURE - R&T Cell's marketing and sales team discuss with customers and is able to provide them with global solutions not only on unique experiments but also on total lab structures.